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Crystal Clear Blooming...

Chiseled out of fine quality iron-lead, this golden touch chandelier has pretty flower design that can beautify your home in the most plush way ever.

Sparkling Crystal...

Made up of world famous Murano glass, this classy chandelier will adorn your living room in bright elegance.

Bohemian Crystal...

This Tuscan finished iron chandelier encrusted with beautiful Bohemian crystals is bound to make your home elegant in the most luxurious way.

Palm Room Chandelier

A fine and delicately cast brass nine light chandelier, the fluted and palm leaf cast column issuing scroll arms and acanthus leaf scrolls, the lower tier of six lights with a tier of three lights above, each with a hand sewn shade.

Bronze Lead Crystal...

A fully hand hammered solid chandelier is encrusted with eight lights will brighten up the demeanor of any expanse its installed in.

Fruity Fun Chandelier

This breathtaking chandelier is carved out of high quality solid material and is embedded with clear-cut limpid polychrome crystals that can illuminate any space efficiently. Equipped with twelve hand hammered bright lights, you cannot go wrong with...
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