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Welcome to our Online Home Furnishings Boutique

At Bernadette Livingston Furniture we bring our appreciation of luxury furniture and timeless design to fine homes, nationwide. We specialize in furnishing complete homes, whether you prefer the classic ambiance of the timeless, traditional styles or a classy, modern decor. For a comfortable beach home, a western ranch or a palatial mansion, we will meet your specifications to compliment your style.

We also offer custom designed kitchen cabinetry, amazing library wall panels and showpiece French, English and Empire style furniture. Featured in our Furniture Masterpiece Collection, you’ll find a discriminating collection of some of the world’s finest luxury home furniture, by artisans generations deep in their craft.

We pride ourselves on curating home furnishings that exceed your expectations. It’s why we’ve remained in business for over 35 years. Reach out to Bernadette Livingston today and learn more about all of the high-end furniture we sell, as well as custom luxury furniture for a look that’s uniquely yours.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Architectural Wall Panels, Custom Draperies, & Our Exclusive Furniture Masterpiece Collection.

There are a few key factors that make Bernadette Livingston Furniture’s offers so different and unique in the market. A handful of these important factors that make us one of the most popular luxury furniture stores include:

No Compromise with Quality

The one thing that we just cannot compromise on is quality. We never compromise on the quality of the design as well as the raw materials used to craft the fine high-end furniture for our clients. We pay extremely close attention to the entire process of manufacturing the right furniture. Our expert artisans keep a check on the high-quality wood and fine designs that go into the upscale furniture articles for our clients.

High-End Stylish Designs

If you are looking for luxury furniture that looks like it is a class apart altogether, you are in the right place. Our artisans and craftsmen put a lot of thought into designing the world-class high-end modern furniture. They have several decades of experience in designing and crafting the finest wooden furniture for their clients.

Large Variety of Options

Our entire team stays up to date with the latest design trends in the furnishing industry. This is how they plan and make the best articles for our high-end furniture store. We have a huge collection of articles that contains various furniture designs. We have both articles with a modern and sleek appeal as well as the articles with a retro look.

Furniture that Blends into Your Environment

The best part about accessing the huge collection of luxury furniture is that you can choose the right articles that blend into your existing bedroom/living room spaces appropriately. After all, you do not want an article that stands out oddly amongst all the other furniture pieces in the room.

Long List of Happy Customers

A long list of happy customers is proof that we offer some of the most durable and high-quality luxury furniture articles to our clients.

Want to purchase the best furniture articles for your home/office? Get in touch with the friendly customer representatives at Bernadette Livingston Furniture today to know more!