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Posted On: Aug 16, 2019


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Bernadette Livingston: Elegance lives here!

At Bernadette Livingston, we strive to take finesse a few notches higher. Our goal is to breathe pure luxury to your home interiors. So, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring adding luxury to your living space in a way that it becomes an extension of your personality.

Classic living room furniture: crafted by talented artisans!

If you are looking to give your living room a touch of class, handcrafted furniture is the best choice. Explore our modern and contemporary designer living room furniture options that will not only spoil you for choice, but will also make your home a place where the time is always well spent.

Furniture for dining room: luxury sits at the table!

The choice of furniture for the dining room is of particular importance, as that will probably be not only the room used by the family but also the place where you will receive guests for pleasant dinners and lunches. These tables are the focal point of any luxury dining room and the backbone for every dinner party with friends and family. 

Luxury tailor-made kitchens: when classic style stands over the ovens!

Big, bright, elegant, with rich decorations and handcrafted: these are the luxury tailor-made kitchens, a true triumph of elements borrowed by the classic style and matched to modern technologies. Bernadette Livingston’s kitchen cabinets will mesmerize you with their amazing look, but we never compromise the essential utility of the kitchen to make it look marvelous.

Luxury beds: sleeping within the quintessence of elegance!

When we think about luxury furniture for the night zone, it would be impossible not to think about extremely comfortable beds where you can rest like a queen or a king. Indeed, classic beds are considered the quintessence of elegance in the popular imagination. Each of our quality bed frames is crafted from the best materials to ensure they add long-lasting beauty to any bedroom. From classic bed frames to modern bed designs and styles, we have a full range of designer beds.      

Classy sofas: the elegance of classic padded elements!

A luxury sofa is the ultimate home investment.  Our sofa sets combine flawless construction, great style, and high-quality materials. Explore our range of designer sofas. Whatever your taste in sofas, we have the design for you.

Decorate your place with finely carved classic interiors!

Enthusiasts of classic furniture will know it pretty well: admiring an environment furnished with richly carved accessories is a delight for the eyes. The best thing with choosing classic furnishings for your home is that these pieces never really go out of style. From curtains to carpets to mirrors, all these classic interiors add to panache of your home.

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