The Trending Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2020

Posted On: Apr 2, 2020


The Trending Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2020

The kitchen is not just meant for storage; it is beyond that. The cabinets inside the kitchen, are important elements of design when it comes to styling the kitchen. It is the kitchen cabinets which make or break the look of the kitchen overall. However, the designs of the cabinet haven’t changed much from the last many years compared to the other various elements such as flooring or countertops.

Here are the top design tips for custom kitchen cabinets, which you can use at home:

Open Shelving

The homeowners don’t get satisfied with finding the cluttered cookie cutter kitchen designs. They have been looking for something very unique, and open shelving helps in providing that style statement to their kitchen. However, the open shelving kitchen is tough to manage, as, with it, one has to have the matching set of dinnerware.

Customization of Color

Color does play an important role when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Mainly three categories are there to choose from- light, medium and dark. The light tones are neutral for a soft look, projecting a timeless and beautiful style. The medium color tones are the most common from the lot. The standard shades which come under the medium ones are gray, blue and yellow. The third category, which is the dark tone, is an extreme shade and are most commonly used in the kitchen cabinets.

Increase in the Oak Wood Usage

The Oak wood cabinets have started to take the style statement of the kitchen to the whole new level. In the last 1980s and early 1990s, Oak wood cabinets were the most preferred choice. These are usually observed in a honey spice stain. It was the popularity of cherry, maple and engineered wood which had reduced the usage of the oak cabinets in the kitchen. The cabinets which are made from oak give a versatile and clean look. These cabinets reflect a clean, modern and rustic look to the overall design.

Transitional Styling- Mainstay

The transitional styling is known as the ‘Goldilocks’ home décor zone. It is one of the constant designs, which can go along with any and every plan. The elements dabbled in contemporary without moving away from the warmth, reflects in the traditional designing. This type of design is a perfect combination of natural stone-look with the pure white walls and the 80s style of sofas or a match between the modern leather, glass furniture or wood wainscoting.

Clean Aesthetics

Kitchen Cabinets have influenced the décor greatly. The real impact of pure aesthetics has let the cabinets free from the basic ornate designs, which are seen in the traditional styles of cabinet doors. They help in featuring a recessed panel door which comes with smooth edges and offers simple, clean lines to the different design elements. The handles come in low profiles and do not demand too much attention. This is the cabinet which goes perfectly well with a modern kitchen format.

Hence, by using these design ideas, one can change the entire look of their kitchen and make it look attractive.

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