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Luxury Leather & Upholstered Furniture

Luxury Leather Upholstered Furniture

At Bernadette Livingston, we’ve been providing our customers with upscale furniture solutions for over 40 years. You’ll find our experience in selecting and building luxury home furniture immediately apparent in our inventory of luxury leather upholstered pieces. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing recliner, a lounge-friendly chaise, or a loveseat with just enough room for you and a special someone, you won’t find higher quality options than ours. Browse our line below and choose a luxurious piece or a whole collection.


01 western furniture....

Western style furniture spectacular sectional sofa, chairs and hair hide ottoman set

03-10-8 4-sofa, chair,...

03-10-8 4-sofa, chair, leather, fabric

1 Baby blue gator...

Baby blue gator settee, how crazy do you want to get? Luxury fine home furnishings and high quality furniture for any home decor.

1 Crazy good deal...

Crazy good deal sofa. Luxury furniture at a super good price.

1 Empire style dining...

An incredible luxury dining chair or accent chair from our exclusive empire collection. These items can be custom designed.

1 Empire style high...

Empire style high end sofa. Handmade in Europe and is in stock.

1 Empire style sofa....

Empire style sofa. Handmade in Europe.

1 Leather patches...

Leather patches chair and ottoman, Great looking and great price

1 Leather patches...

Leather patches sofa, USA made, Great looking and great price.

1 Red hot leather...

Red hot leather sofa, USA made, lost look from the past.

1 Rodeo chic settee,...

Rodeo chic settee, Luxury fine home furnishings and high quality furniture for any home decor.

1 Unique and lavish...

A unique and lavish mother of pearl inlay living room set, hand crafted by artisans who are among the world's most talented.

1 Unique and lavish...

A unique and lavish living room set from our exclusive empire collection, hand crafted by artisans who are among the world's most talented.

1 Victorian sofa,...

Victorian sofa, great colors, high quality, lost look from the past

10-8-sofa, chair,...

10-8-sofa, chair, leather, fabric.

11 Luxury red...

Luxury red burgundy sofa or couch.

11 Blazing gunmetal...

Blazing gunmetal blue sofa or couch.

11 Southwestern style...

Southwestern style large family room sofa or couch.

12 Luxury red...

Luxury red burgundy sofa or couch. sample of all fabric & leather $55.00 (will be applied to purchase)

13 Luxury velvets on...

Comfortable sofa or couch with luxury velvet fabrics.

13 Western bad ass...

Western bad ass sofa, high end custom made furniture

136-sofa, chair,...

136-sofa, chair, leather, fabric

2 Person Sofa Velvet...

This royal two person sofa has embroidery works on velvet and the design is inspired from Middle age Italian style.

2-Seater Sofa with...

Beautifully stand over the stylishly designed gold plated feet, the 2-seater sofa with curved backrest allows you to set your living room in an imperial manner

20-11-sofa, chair,...

20-11-sofa, chair, leather, fabric sample of all fabric & leather $55.00 (will be applied to purchase)

22 Victorian style...

Victorian style sofa with a black and gold color theme.

3 People Curved Sofa...

This 3 people curved sofa has got contoured backrest and is built with leather and fabric.

3 Way High Leg Recliner

3 Way High Leg Recliner Diamond Ranch Saddle Leather in center of seat and in back, silver gray hair hide on outside 40h 38w 39d Seat: 20h 27d 24 arm h.

33 Wild boys tapestry...

Wild boys tapestry sofa unique high style furniture 62h 99w 43d Seat: 18h 31d 79arm h.

34 Luxury sofa. Fancy...

Fancy white leather sofa rouged shired back 

34 Luxury sofa. High...

Luxury sofa. High style furniture. The best of online shopping. Custom details seldom offered even by the largest retailers.

35 Luxury sofa with...

Luxury sofa. High style furniture. The best of online shopping. Custom details seldom offered even by the largest retailers

5-7 Seater Big Family...

Fashion forward sectional (three sizes available)

594 sofa, chair,...

Sofa, chair, leather, gator

6050-03 Tall Back...

6050-03 Tall Back Tufted Sofa

61-132 Solid walnut...

Dining Arm Chair Solid walnut wood Fine hand carving Walnut finish with gold schlag accents Burgundy Velvet upholstery with brass nails studs.

7-8 Seater Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa or corner sofa can accommodate 7-8 people and has irresistible finish to end up in your living room.

73-138 Cocktail Table

Cocktail Table Solid walnut wood with santos rosewood veneer Old world walnut finish Faux black marble on top Fine hand cast brass foot/ decor in Italy red gold finish.

80 sofa. High style...

80 sofa. High style home furnishings.

845-sofa, chair,...

Fashion forward sectional (three sizes available)

A elegant sofa and...

A elegant sofa and chairs with exceptional style and design.

A mahogany and pollard...

A mahogany and pollard burl chaise or window seat, the over scrolled sides with padded bars, applied with verdigris brass winged lion mounts, the button upholstered seat on lion legs.

A sofa any lucky dog...

A sofa any lucky dog would want to have, 4622

Aberdeen Flint...

The aberdeen flint upholstered arm chair is constructed using the finest set of woods and aberdeen flint fabrics.

Accent Arm Chair

Revamp your interiors with something stylish like this accent arm chair.

Accent arm chair....

Accent arm chair. Modern styling.

Accent living room...

Accent living room chair. Bernadette Livingston Furniture has made it easy for anyone to decorate their home

Aged Regency Finished...

Aged Regency Finished Game Chair, Chocolate Leather Upholstery, Brass Tack Accents

Alluring Upholstered...

Set an inviting and appealing aura for your living room with this alluring upholstered 2-seater sofa.

American home...

American home furniture and furnishings. Cool striped accent chair.

American Leather High...

American Leather High End Sofa

American Leather...

American furniture. Teal blue leather and twisted fringe ottoman.

American Made Red...

1. All of our leather & upholstered furniture is made by family owned & operated businesses in the USA!

American Made Square...

1. All of our leather & upholstered furniture is made by family owned & operated businesses in the USA!

Amongst Friends

A swivel seat bar stool, the circular upholstered seat, on turned and splay legs joined by a stretcher centred by a brass rosette

Animal Hide Ottoman

Animal Hide Ottoman. This western style ottoman features an authentic cow hide top and leather bottom with nail head trim.

Animal Print Patchwork...

Animal Print Patchwork Ottoman. A rectangular shaped ottoman with a patchwork of animal print leathers and a country western flair.

Animal Print, Leather...

Animal Print, Leather and Upholstered Settee

Antique Arm Chair

Make your interiors all the more interesting with additions like this antique arm chair.

Antiqued Wingback Chair

Breathe in the air of old-world charm with this antiqued wing back chair. Generously padded, this armchair is supported by set of four Block & Vase Stretcher legs. Each leg is diagonally connected to the other leg with an X-stretcher.

Appealing Sofa

Depicting exquisite upholstery, this appealing sofa adds grace to your living room settings.

Aqua Italian Style Arm...

This aqua Italian style arm chair with design on the backrest is a perfect memorial of Cultural Revolution during the middle ages.

Arabian jewel accent...

Handmade fabrics in a black and gold color theme with gold metal thread embroidery and hand sown jewel beading. Arabian jewel furniture collection.

Arched Headboard Sofa

Transform your placid interiors into extraordinary with this arched headboard sofa. It provides matchless comfort due to its cushioned seating.

Argo Ebony Tufted Club...

Add this argo ebony tufted club chair to enhance the royal grandeur of your interiors.

Aristocratic Humpback...

Aristocratic humpback sofa is a perfect blend of leather and fabric.

Armchair with Tufted...

Armchair with tufted backrest has well carved front two legs.

Armless Dining Chair

Create a warm backdrop in your dining room with this armless dining chair.

Armless Dining Chair...

Revamp the dull interiors of your dining space by including the Armless Dining Chair with gold lettering.

Armoury Bar Chair

Bar chair, the flared back with a brass engraved panel top rail above a padded back and seat, on turned tapering legs.
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Leather Furniture

Nothing quite matches the comfort and luxury of leather, and we make sure we carry plenty of leather-upholstered furniture pieces for our customers. You’ll find chairs for the living room, which can help finish off a warm, cozy room design. If you have a room dedicated to serving up delicious drinks to your friends and family, we have a wide variety of leather counter and bar stools, ranging from more classic designs to those with a Western flavor. Our leather sofas bring comfortable elegance to any room, and we offer sectionals to seat more guests and ensure easy transport.

Upholstered Furniture

Of course, we upholster our luxury designs in more than just leather. Look through our available products and you’ll find furniture covered in the highest-quality fabrics and materials. If leather doesn’t fit your design goals, maybe a solid color or print fabric will. Or you can select a look to stand out even more, such as cheetah skin, tiger skin, or zebra skin. We’re big on offering choice to our customers, and looking through our leather and upholstered luxury furniture designs, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Wondering if we have a particular item in stock? Contact Bernadette Livingston today and we’ll guide you toward selecting the perfect luxury leather furniture piece for whatever room you want to spruce up.