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Luxury Leather Upholstered Sofas, Couches, and Loveseats

Decorating a room for the first time or shopping for pieces to upgrade your current home decor? You’ll find a wide selection of high-quality, luxury living room sets at Bernadette Livingston. Our inventory can match your living room’s primary color scheme, the era you’re looking to for design inspiration, and even the amount of seating you need to comfortably host as many of your friends and family members as you need. Take a look through our luxury sofa options below and locate the pieces you want to help make your living room design complete.


Tufted leather...

Classic chesterfield style sofa covered in a luxurious tufted codovan leather.

Tufted Leather Sofa

Add luxury and comfort to your place by setting this tufted Seat Leather Sofa.

Tufted leather sofa

Beautiful tufted sofa covered in a luxurious combination of leather and textured fabric with intricately carved details.

Tufted loveseat, sofa,...

Tufted loveseat, sofa, chair, leather, sample of all fabric & leather $55.00 (will be applied to purchase)

Tufted mocha leather sofa

Beautiful tufted sofa covered in a soft mocha leather with intricately carved details.

Tufted Nail Head...

Witness the perfect blend of art and aesthetics in this tufted nail head curved sofa.

Tufted Sofa 2435-05

1435-03 Tufted Sofa Tight Tufted Seat, Tight Tufted Back.

Tufted Sofa-sofa,...

Tufted sanded Leather Sofa 35.5h 88w 32d Seat: 16h 22d 28.5 arm h.

Tufted tan leather sofa

Tufted sofa covered in a luxurious tan leather.

Tufted Upholstered...

The tufted upholstered curved sofa can be a splendid addition into your stylish living room.

Tufted Upholstered Sofa

Dive into sheer comfort as you fall upon this tufted upholstered sofa. It features a tufted backrest and tufted sock-roll arms. Crafted using premium-grade upholstery, this sofa stands successfully on a set of four beautifully-carved wooden legs.

Tufted Upholstered Sofa

Witness the perfect blend of style and comfort with this tufted upholstered sofa.

Tufted Upholstered...

Redefine comfort and luxury as you sit upon this tufted upholstered wingback sofa. It has tufted backrest and armrests to mark the uniqueness of design. Provided with complementary seat-cushion upholstery, this wingback sofa is supported by a combination of...

Two tone leather...

Two tone leather upholstered sofa

Umber brown leather sofa

Beautiful sofa covered in a rich umber brown leather.

Unique furniture, high...

Unique furniture, high style and tastefully designed double size chair chaise.

Unique rounded...

Unique rounded contemporary style sofa is a warm chocolate brown fabric

Upholstered 3-Seater...

Titivate the ambience of your living room with the upholstered 3-seater sectional sofa that is a true example of ritzy and posh furniture.

Upholstered Curved Sofa

Enjoy a rich, royal and pleasing ambience as you bring home this upholstered curved sofa.

Upholstered Curved Sofa

Experience matchless comfort as sit upon this upholstered curved sofa.

Upholstered Curved Sofa

Give a new dimension to your living space as you bring home this upholstered curved sofa. With seat-cushion upholstery, this sofa easily enhances your comfort.

Upholstered Curved...

Add a touch of class to your living room with the upholstered curved sofa with nail head trims.

Upholstered Daybed...

The upholstered daybed sofa complements modern decors through its stylish appearance.

Upholstered High Back...

Add warmth to your home decor with the upholstered high back sofa.

Upholstered Living...

Make your interiors inviting and warm with an impressive addition like this upholstered living room sofa.

Upholstered Loveseat Sofa

Add oodles of style to your living area by bringing home the Loveseat Sofa Sock-Rolled Armrests.

Upholstered Quality...

Upholstered Quality Furniture, All Leather Sofa 84x40- 38 H

Upholstered Sectional...

Revamp your interiors as you bring home this upholstered sectional sofa. Generously cushioned, the frame is decorated with premium quality sheen fabric that looks fabulous in paisley pattern.

Upholstered Settee Sofa

Beautify your living room as you bring home this upholstered settee sofa.

Upholstered Sofa

Make your living space all the more natural with this upholstered sofa.

Upholstered Sofa in Gray

A robust, comfortable living room sofa, the upholstered sofa in gray adds a warm, natural touch to your home interiors.

Upholstered Sofa with...

Made with classy style in mind, this upholstered sofa with curved arms will give your modern home a warm and cozy look.

Upholstered Sofa with...

Add sparkles of royalty to your guest room or living room by adding this upholstered sofa with curved backrest. Wrapped in high quality textured fabric, this sofa provides luxurious sitting experience to you.

Upholstered Sofa with...

Imbue luxury and class to your space with the Upholstered Sofa with Sock-Rolled Armrest.

Upholstered Wingback Sofa

Bring a slice of life into your decor with this upholstered wingback sofa. A combination tortoise veneers and hard solids, this high-arm sofa features soft shiny seat-cushion upholstery. It stands on a set of four block, tapered legs. Plunge into utmost...

Upholstered Wingback Sofa

Complement your rich interiors with this upholstered wingback sofa.

Upholstered Wingback Sofa

A combination of suaveness and sophistication is what you can experience in this upholstered wingback sofa.

Upscale living room...

Upscale living room sofa from our exclusive presidential collection, hand crafted by artisans who are among the world's most talented.

Valentine sofa with...

Elegant cream colored sofa with rolled back and coordinating accent pillows.

Vanished Panther Hair...

Vanished Panther Hair Hide Sofa 40h 88w 34.5d Seat: 21h 24.5d 34arm h.





Victorian sofa 2-sofa,...

Victorian Luxury fine home furnishings and high quality furniture for any home decor

Victorian sofa...

Victorian sofa furniture

Victorian style sofa....

Victorian style sofa. Sleek and fun

Vintage Canape

Accord royal welcome to your guests with this Vintage Three-Seat Canape.

W-518-03 Carved Sofa

W-518-03 Carved Sofa, H44 W92 D36.5

Washington Sofa

Top grain leather sofa





Western furniture...

Western furniture Luxury fine home furnishings and high quality furniture for any home decor

Western Furniture Cool...

Western Furniture Cool Custom Leather Sofas 33.5h 42w 41d.

Western inspired sofa

Beautiful sofa covered in a mix of lux leather and western inspired fabric.  Crazy good deal sofa. Luxury furniture at a super good price.

Western sofa high end...

Western sofa high end custom furniture and furnishings.

Western sofa high end...

Western sofa high end custom made

Western style...

Western style conversation sofa upholstered in a combination of leather and tapestry with animal hide accent pillows

Western style...

Western style furniture luxury furniture

Western style...

Western style furniture luxury furniture H47 W94 D38 AH33 SH23 SD22

Western style leather...

Exquisite western style sofa covered in a rich combination of animal prints and leathers.

Western style sofa,...

Western style sofa, Leather sofa

Weston Sofa

Top grain leather sofa

Wild side large sofa...

Wild side large sofa with designer fabrics and leathers H40 W114 D43 AH29 SH22 SD38

Wild west collection...

Wild west collection super bronco bustin western style sofa

Wild west comfy sofa

Wild west comfy sofa with leather and fancy nail head details.

Wild West Tooled...

44h 92w 36.5d Seat: 21h 25d 32 arm h.

Wild western pillow...

Wild western pillow smorgashborg.

Wood Frame Antique Red...

Wood Frame Antique Red Sofa. This sofa features soft curved lines and a carved wood frame.

Wood frame...

Wood frame transitional luxury sofa and living room set

Wooden Camelback Sofa

Add a vintage touch to your interior settings with this wooden camelback sofa. polished in new mexico finish, it features contrasting seat-cushion upholstery and nail head detailing on a few sections.

Yesteryear Sofa...

This sofa of yesteryear design is upholstered in leather and fabric.
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A room full of antiques can come alive with the right luxury living room furniture. Perhaps you want something from our Empire line? Or you may find yourself more partial to our leather sofa upholstered with multi-colored patches, perfect for a room with a more Western flair. Our red hot leather sofa can fit in with a mid-century design, or even a more modern design depending on how the room is styled. And, of course, our sectionals are famous for the way they can grab attention and provide additional seating, perfect for large family gatherings or entertaining.

The options we discussed above merely scratch the surface of what we offer at Bernadette Livingston. We sell curved leather sofas, contemporary style tufted sofas in a variety of colors, hand-carved wooden frame loveseats, and many other sofa and loveseat options. See them for yourself by browsing our inventory or by making an appointment to see our showroom.

We’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you need assistance, contact us today. We’re ready to help you find you the luxury sofa set of your dreams.