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High Style Furniture

World's Best Artisan Designers

At Bernadette Livingston, we carry high-style furnishings from some of the best-known luxury furniture brands. There are, however, some customers who have very specific wants and needs. For these customers, we offer unique furniture, hand-built by expert artisan designers. We believe we have relationships with some of the world’s best furniture makers, and it shows in the products we have created. Browse our custom artisan furniture options below for that stand-out piece.

Just as we do with the items we sell from other furniture makers, we’ve taken care to commission pieces covering a number of different styles and eras. Our chests of drawers span from Art Deco to Venetian. Our cabinets capture Georgian England, Italy, and other eras and regions. We understand our customers have very discerning tastes, and we’re committed to carrying the high-end designer luxury furniture you need to decorate your home in the style you desire.

Don’t wait to step up your home’s design. Take a look at everything we have to offer, from our coffee tables to our card tables, and find the item that fits perfectly in whatever room you’re decorating. And when you find just the right piece of luxury furniture for your needs, you can easily order online or contact us to make your purchase.

We stand behind the quality we offer, and we’re proud to serve our clientele with the most beautiful furniture designs online. Reach out today to learn more about how we can transform your home.