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European Bedroom Sets


Create your new room with our European style bedroom furniture. We have designed sleek, stylish, and elegant European bedroom sets. You can choose as per your choice, we have all latest designs.

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An exceptional European made bedroom set with a tufted headboard, from our exclusive furniture masterpiece collection, handmade European furniture.

Headboard: 74H 89W

Nightstands: 32L 27.5H 17D  $5,385.00 each

A good night’s sleep will help you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the coming day.
Sleeping on a comfortable bed is extremely important for you to recover from a long hard day of
work. With a fine European bedroom set from Bernadette Livingston Furniture, you can now enjoy a
peaceful night’s sleep for enhanced productivity at work.
Stylish Designs at Affordable Prices
The premium furniture manufacturers often charge several thousand dollars for such bedroom sets.
However, with Bernadette Livingston Furniture, you can now get the best European bedroom sets
online at affordable prices. Our stylish and affordable European bedroom sets retain their shine and
appearance even after several years of rugged use.
You don’t need to overspend on purchasing a premium design scheme anymore. Instead, you can
easily purchase the most beautiful design schemes without spending a lot of money with Bernadette
Livingston Furniture online.
Excellent Focus on Details
One thing common in all the best European furnishing elements is an immense focus on the details.
Our artisans use their skills to craft some of the most intricate designs on the European bedroom
sets in an affordable manner. Such focus on details is invisible to the common eye. However, these
details are extremely important to people who appreciate true art.
We use the finest manufacturing techniques and tools refining the designs to make sure that our
customers get nothing but the best. Over the course of a few years, the value of these affordable
European bedroom sets will only go higher.
Why Choose Us?
There are multiple reasons why you should purchase a European bedroom set online with us. Some
of these include:
 High-Quality Build: Our artisans never compromise on the quality of materials used to make
the best bedroom sets. In fact, they personally monitor the quality of wood as well as the
steel used to craft these beautiful European bedroom sets.
 Large Variety of Designs: We offer one of the largest collections of fine European bedroom
sets for our customers. You can access these designs on our online portal and choose the
ones that fit your existing room’s infrastructure effectively.
 Durable Construction: Our artisans work extremely hard to uplift the overall quality of
construction. They use the finest manufacturing techniques to bring the wood together in an
artistic manner. These artisans have studied European furniture for decades, and they use all
their skills and knowledge into the creation of the best furniture for our clients.
 Affordable Prices: Our wide range of affordable European bedroom sets can help you fulfil
your dream of purchasing the most high-quality premium furniture for your home.
Checkout our vast collection of the finest affordable European bedroom sets today to save money
on the most high-quality furniture for your home.

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