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Make your home your own. Learn more about the many styles we offer

Shopping for a certain style? At Bernadette Livingston Furniture, we carry an amazing selection of different furniture designs. Whether you’re looking to deck your home in Art Nouveau, or you’re in the mood for handmade Italian, you’re sure to find what you want in our upscale furniture store and on our website.

Art Nouveau. This distinctive European style was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but it can live on as the theme of your luxury home furnishings.

Empire Style. Borrowing heavily from the designs of Imperial Rome, our Empire furniture pieces can transform your home into the palace of your dreams.

French Style. Our French-style pieces are defined by their vintage elegance and their ability to bring a chateau feel to any room in your residence.

Gothic Style. For an ornate Middle Ages approach to home decor, our Gothic furniture designs can introduce a taste of 16th century Europe into your lifestyle.

Handmade Italian. Our high-end, handmade Italian furniture is crafted by some of the most renowned furniture makers in the world. Peruse our collection and prepare to be impressed.

Modern. Interested in a more contemporary design for your furniture? We carry a diverse collection of modern furniture featuring sleek lines and a less-is-more approach for every room in your home.

Western Style. Those who pay respect to the Old West in their home on the range (or a den or office) will find some mighty good options in our Western style lineup.

With many distinct styles to choose from and the promise of quality that comes with every piece we sell, you’re bound to find the right luxury home furniture for sale at Bernadette Livingston. Contact us today if you have any additional questions, or if you need some help ordering online.